Our vision

Wired-in Software was established in June 2013.

Why do we exist?

To help keep our clients globally competitive, by creating great user experiences that are reliable and value for money, and thereby contributing to their success and well-being.

How do we this?

We do this by offering:

  • Attentiveness – Ensure the key criteria are met. Listen to your issues.
  • Reliability – Allow our clients to gain confidence in our tools.
  • Affordability – The client must realise a cost benefit from their purchase.
  • Trustworthiness – Build a healthy respect for each other.
  • Professionalism – Prompt, tidy, consistent, thorough, and systematic.
  • Positive attitude – See challenges, not problems.
  • Properly engineered – Well defined. Well implemented. Well tested. Well received. Well supported.
  •  Support – Support is like marketing for the next project. We help out our clients in their most desperate hours.

What do we do?