Integrated automation, vision and motion

High Performance Automation

Wired-in Software develop specialised automation systems. We can offer custom automation where high performance, collection of a multitude of different signal types and protocols, and distribution is required. We utilize the NI embedded processor range, including:

  • cFP (Compact Field Point)
  • cRIO (Compact Reconfigurable I/O)
  • CVS (Compact Vision Systems)
  • EVS (Embedded Vision Systems)

The LabVIEW platform offers:

  • RT Module (for deterministic applications)
  • FPGA Module (for hardware-based processing)
  • DSC Module (Datalogging and Supervisory Control for SCADA interfaces)
  • PID Control Toolkit

Machine Control

We also can develop test station PLC control systems using the FESTO PLCs, using the FST development environment. This includes:

  • FEC-CPX platform and more
  • Standard I/O and Solenoid drives
  • Serial Comms
  • Statement List or Ladder Logic

The Wired-in Advantage

Customers choose Wired-in Software to help with Automation systems for the following reasons:

  • We can bring together a number of different I/O types into one system
  • The cRIO can scale to OEM platforms like the sbRIO and SoM for larger production runs
  • Interface seamlessly with standards such as OPC, Modbus, Ethernet I/P, and Profibus
  • We have a thorough software engineering process to ensure reliability right from the word go