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The Pampered Pig - The Wired-in Software work experience program

Wired-in Software run a High School Year 10 1-week work experience program entitled “The Pampered Pig”. This program introduces the student to LabVIEW, basic electronic circuits with a Sparkfun Redboard Arduino, Makerhub LINX drivers, SQL databases, and Grafana. The student’s objective is to create an environment monitoring system for the customers and staff (i.e. guinea pigs) who attend The Pampered Pig – a high end luxury guinea pig beauty resort!

Using Sets and Maps in Configuration and Measurement Data

This presentation from GLA Summit 2022 by Wired-in Software’s Stuart Trevillian shows LabVIEW’s collection types (Sets and Maps) with a demonstration of the approach taken using sets and maps for longer lived data such as configuration and measurements.

Introduction to DQMH®

In this presentation, we team up with Enviseng to introduce the DQMH framework for LabVIEW, and why it is worth considering for building robust applications. We also review an example project to show you how it works.

8 Reasons for Encapsulating your next device driver in a DQMH® module

This presented at VI Week 2020 – an informal online LabVIEW conference that took place early on in the COVID-19 pandemic. In this presentation we look at the many reasons you might consider wrapping up a device driver into a DQMH module.

Creating a web application using NI
web development tools

Wired-in developed a web application using LabVIEW NXG (now known as the G Web Development Suite), to allow remote monitoring of a test process. We integrated real-time test data with web cams to provide an enhanced viewing experience, which proved to be quite valuable during the pandemic lockdowns.

Tips and tricks for developing RT applications using DQMH®

In this presentation we share a number of tips and tricks that we learnt the hard way when developing a LabVIEW RT application with DQMH®.

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