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Optimise your product test

Improve your production efficiency and product quality

Automated Test and Measurement

  • Smart Test Systems for Industry 4.0
  • Automated Measurement for NATA Certification
  • Test Systems Support

Embedded Product Design

  • Fast turnaround, low volume
  • Minimal or no hardware design required
  • Based on the NI cRIO/sbRIO platform

Control and Monitoring Systems

  • Get more out of your IIOT edge node with the cRIO
  • Interface with any sensor or system
  • Remote management capability

DQMH™ Trusted Advisor

Wired-in Software are a DQMH™ Trusted Advisor. We have experience in developing LabVIEW applications with the DQMH™ Toolkit – resulting in more reliable, maintainable, and easier to test solutions for our customers.

NI Alliance Partner

  • Value Added Reseller
  • Certified LabVIEW Architect and Developers on staff
  • Extended Support Network
  • Experienced Solution Provider

We Love a Test Challenge

We engineer bespoke and reliable test and measurement solutions for manufacturers, engineering service providers and researchers; so that they can improve production efficiency, product quality and research capability.

What We Do


Systems and solutions specific to your requirements:

Automated Test and Measurement

Machine Visio

Control and Monitoring Systems


Use our expertise to help ensure a successful project:

LabVIEW Programming

Systems Integration


Following the project delivery, we’ve got your back:

Test Systems Support

Test & Measurement Community

Who We Help


We work for a number of manufacturing industries, including automotive, commercial, transport, printing, and more.

Professional and Scientific Service Providers

We work with consultant engineering and product design firms, extending their capabilities to ensure their customers have complete coverage.

Researchers and Educators

We work with universities and research organisations, ensuring good quality tools, and providing affordable expertise.

Our Work

ATE Upgrade Optimises Production

  • Application: Automated Test and Measurement
  • Sector: Manufacturing

Key Features:

  • Replaced custom PCBs with off-the-shelf hardware, ensuring up-time
  • Workorder automates the order of part selection, reducing quality issues
  • Test times reduced, enhancing productivity

Temperature Chamber Controller Teaching Tool

  • Application: Control and Monitoring Systems
  • Sector: Research and Education

Key Features:

  • cRIO control of temperature via a PWM output to a heater and fan
  • LabVIEW user interface for simple operation
  • Comparison of the characteristics of different thermocouples, PTDs, thermistors and IC

Fast Laser Engraving Delivered Fast

  • Application: Embedded Product Design
  • Sector: Manufacturing

Key Features:

  • NI LabVIEW FPGA application
  • High speed motor position transitions, and fine laser triggering in less than 0.1ms
  • Developed in eight weeks
  • No custom hardware required

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Vision-guided Motion For Precise Calibration

  • Application: Machine Vision / Automated Test and Measurement
  • Sector: Professional and Scientific Services

Key Features:

  • Integrated vision, motion and daq for advanced control and measurement
  • Complex algorithms for calculation of 3 axes of precise radial moves
  • Uses NI Vision tools for machine vision and image analysis.

Wired-in uses simulation electronics for a control system to overcome lockdown

A wind tunnel control system for research purposes needed to be developed based on a Compact RIO controller working as a slave controller in conjunction with a Windows PC acting as a master controller. This system was to be able to provide open loop or closed loop...

Hear from Hampel Software Engineering about DQMH, debug driven development and Inner Source

We've released another DQMH podcast episode! I just wanted to say that I am now getting in to a groove with creating this podcast, and am starting to really enjoy it.  Initially it seemed daunting, and I was wondering if I would ever release it, but now the hard bits...

Introducing the DQMH® Podcast

Wired-in is proud to announce the DQMH® podcast. The DQMH® Podcast has been created for the NI LabVIEW™ community. As the name suggests, it's focus is centered around the Delacor Queued Message Handler (DQMH®) toolkit (a framework for NI LabVIEW™). You can learn more...

8 Reasons for encapsulating your next LabVIEW device driver inside a DQMH® Module

Abstract: Do you hate it when a LabVIEW software application throws an awful error if a device is not connected, and it just stops or crashes as a result? Do you have multiple instances of the same device that you need to manage? Do you find that your applications get...

Six things I learnt from the Melbourne LabVIEW User Group in 2019

Wired-in Software organises the quarterly LabVIEW User Group meetup in Melbourne, and has done so for the past 5 years. Here are six things I've learnt from hosting our user group this year 1) Broadcasting is the future of user groups People go to great effort to...

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